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Cognitive disabilities

Photo credit: Cliff Booth

Cognitive and learning disabilities can be related to

  • Memory and attention
  • Learning 
  • Visual or verbal thinking

Advice on cognitive disabilities

from the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)

Help users understand with clear text and images

Throughout this guide we have recommended that clear messages are vital. This includes easy words, short sentences and blocks of text, clear images, and easy to understand video.

Help users find what they need

Navigation and layout should be clear and easy to follow with good visual cues like symbols. 

Give content in different ways

Graphics, summaries of long documents, adding icons to headings and links 

Help users to stay focussed

Avoid distracting the user from their task. Headings and breadcrumbs can help when context is lost. 

Make it easy to get human help and give feedback

Keep your DMs open, and respond to comments quickly in social feeds.