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Put accessibility into your workflow

Photo credit: Cottonbro

“More accessible today than yesterday”
- Jonathan Holden 

Whatever small steps you take towards creating more accessible content, people will thank you. 

Never post quickly 

It’s very hard to “add accessibility” later. Take your time to get it right, first time. 

2 ways rule

Are there 2 ways to interact with the content? 

Text is ok, but what about images, gifs, videos, 

Alt text

Always add alt text to images. Check the automatic alt text added by Facebook and Instagram. 

Color contrast

Check the color contrast of text on background, especially in images of text. 

Proofread text

Yes, even Tweets. Spelling mistakes and poor punctuation can cause problems for people with cognitive disabilities. Use standard spelling and punctuation for the benefit of assistive technology users. 

Trigger warning

Remember to add trigger warnings if necessary. 

TW // trigger words

Think before you repost

If what you are reposting is not accessible it will reflect badly on your brand.