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Bravand commitment to accessibility

“The web is for everyone”  
- Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the world wide web

Bravand is a collective of digital design and communication professionals that have a combined passion for community, people, planet and purpose.

Our job, day to day, is to work with organisations that want a go-to team, with a varied skill set, that can help them sort out:

  • how they present themselves to the people they care about
  • how they facilitate engagement with those people, and
  • how they measure success

We do this mainly on screens - although we do the odd bit of print every now and then.

“The Web is for everyone” says Tim Berners-Lee, and he should know, because he invented the World Wide Web. As a concept, an idea, a notion, the web is accessible to everyone. 

Our work is all about designing and building products and services that help people complete tasks using the Web. So it was a bit of a revelation to learn that the things we were designing and building were actually excluding people.

In fact, for years, people with a disability have been an after-thought, or not thought about at all. That should not be. We realised we had the opportunity to change the script but we lacked the experience and capability to do so.

So, we found and started working with Jonathan Holden. Jonathan is now an integral part of Team Bravand, helping us to Shift Left accessibility thinking, so we’re focussed on designing for everyone. 

This is not a one-time exercise. Making our work accessible for all is an ongoing process and we’re learning all the time. Our work, the value it brings to the people that engage with it, is greater for it. 

Too often we define disabled people by their disability. But we believe that people are largely disabled by the barriers that are put up to stop them living their life autonomously. It is up to all of us to break this cycle.

I’m not claiming we’re perfect. I’m not saying we have all the answers. I’m saying we’re trying, and our ongoing work with Jonathan and this guide will help keep us designing for all and help others - like you - learn, too

<signature-text>Ross Musgrove<signature-text>, Bravand

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