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Everything you know about accessibility is wrong

“The dirty little secret of accessibility is that there’s no single correct way to make your content accessible, and no one-size-fits-all solution”
- Doug Schepers

One of the things I’ve learned on my journey into web accessibility is that for every use case, every opinion, every solution, there is an alternative. And that’s OK. Because in web accessibility, everyone is different. But this does mean that you might not please everyone all the time. 

I asked my disabled friends on social media ”What are your gripes about posts on social media?” They didn’t hold back! There were some common themes, but also some contradictory advice. 

The one constant is the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. A framework to help make the web accessible to everyone. 

What I have written here is the way to follow these guidelines when creating Social Media Communications. It will help disabled people feel included in your brand. Whether people are blind, deaf, have epilepsy or Parkinson’s, or are disabled in any other way, follow the guidelines here, and you’ll make people happy. 

<signature-text>Jonathan Holden<signature-text>, Bravand Twitter @JonathanDHolden 

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